About Me

Hello and thank you for stopping by my food blog.

I am Himabindu, a South Indian married to a Bengali, and live in Kolkata. Well..I belong to the group of women who never cooked or even dreamt of entering the kitchen till I got married. My mom is a fantastic cook and I am a fan of her cooking. After marriage I had to shift to Kolkata away from all my family and friends. This was the time I actually tried my hand at cooking. My MIL is also a superb cook. Her Bengali dishes are all lip smacking and finger licking variety. Seeing her enjoy cooking actually inspired me to try my hand at it. Now I can call myself a fairly good cook. Though not quite an expert like MIL and mom, still I cook fairly eatable variety.

This blog is just an attempt to share with you all whatever I have learnt from my mom and MIL ... so you can expect a mixture of Andhra and bengali recipes here.. Hope you will find this blog interesting.. Do leave a comment if you like the recipe and all suggestions are welcome.


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